Stereoscopic Anatomy Visualizer


The Stereoscopic Anatomy Visualizer (SAV) is a total solution to show medical grade models of female and male anatomy in a highly realistic and interactive manner using immersive 3D stereoscopic display technology. The solution includes

  1. medical grade models,
  2. a renderer engine,
  3. a full high definition stereo projection system, and
  4. stereoscopic glasses.


Operational and technical support is provided by the Lab technical team. Onsite operational and adpaptive training is required before operating the system. As the Stereoscopic Anatomy Visualizer locates at the Virtual Anatomy & Physiology Lab, the terms of use for the lab must be observed for all activilities conducted in the lab, including operation of Stereoscopic Anatomy Visualizer.


Since the Stereoscopic Anatomy Visualizer situates in the Virtual Anatomy & Physiology Lab, which is heavily used for teaching and learning Human Anatomy, use of Stereoscopic Anatomy Visualizer is subject to the availability of the lab as well as approval of the Human Anatomy teaching team and Stereoscopic Anatomy Visualizer project team. Please contact our lab technical team for booking enquiries (contact via email is preferred).